Technical Brochures


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Reference Date Price*Title
 Pending Modern Techniques for Protecting and Monitoring Generating Plants
 Pending Engineering Guidelines for IEC 61850 Based Digital Substation Automation Systems
 Pending Modern Techniques for Protecting, Controlling and Monitoring of Power Transformers
TB 4482011-0295 €Refurbishment Strategies based on Life Cycle Cost and Technical Constraints
TB 432Pending Protection Relay Coordination
TB 4312010-1053 €Modern Techniques for Protecting Busbars in HV Networks
TB 4272010-0881 €The Impact of Implementing Cyber Security Requirements using IEC 61850
TB 4242010-0855 €New Trends for Automated Fault and Disturbance Analysis
TB 4212010-08115 €The Impact of Renewable Energy Sources and Distributed Generation on Substation Protection and Automation
TB 4112010-0470 €Protection, Control and Monitoring of Series Compensated Networks
TB 4042010-0245 €Acceptable Functional Integration in HV Substations
TB 4022009-1225 €High Impedance Faults
TB 4012009-1250 €Functional Testing of IEC 61850 Based Systems
TB 3592008-1075 €Modern Distance Protection Functions and Applications
TB 3552008-0825 €Fault and Disturbance Data Analysis including Intelligent Systems
TB 329200780 €Guidelines For Specification And Evaluation Of Substation Automation Systems
TB 3262007150€The Introduction Of IEC 61850 And Its Impact On Protection And Automation Within Substations
TB 318200780 €Wi-Fi Protected Access For Protection And Automation
TB 307200660 €Remote On-Line Management For Protection And Automation
TB 2952006 Relay Software Models For Use With Use With Electromagnetic Transient Analysis Program
TB 2702005100 €Auto-Reclosing & Local System Restoration
TB 2462004100 €The Automation Of New And Existing Substations: Why And How
TB 236200480 €Conformance Testing Guideline for Communication in Substations
TB 2322003120 €Optimisation Of Protection Performance During System Disturbances


The Study Committee structure was changed in 2003 which amalgamated SC 34 – Protection with SC 35 Automation.Hence in searching for earlier publications in “e-cigre”, please choose the different SC code as noted below



Reference DatePrice*Title
TB 217(SC 35)80 €The benefits of mobile data. How can they be realised ?
TB 212(SC 34)80 €Report on survey to establish protection performance during major disturbances
TB 200(SC 34)80 €Isolation and restoration policies against power system collapse
TB 193(SC 35)80 €Alarm handling techniques
TB 180(SC 34)100 €Communication requirements in terms of data flow within substations
TB 173(SC 35)80 €Use of GSMph2+ as mobile radio system for power utilities.
TB 168(SC 35)80 €Communication concepts for control systems.
TB 164(SC 35)80 €Report on digital power line carrier.
TB 159(SC 34)100 €Analysis and guidelines for testing numerical protection schemes.
TB 153(SC 35)100 €The use of IP technology in the power utility environment.
TB 146(SC 35)80 €Knowledge based applications in SCADA/EMS. A practical approach
TB 140(SC 34)180 €Reliable fault clearance and back-up protection.
TB 133(SC 35)80 €Preventive and corrective maintenance for optical cables on overhead power lines.
TB 132(SC 35)80 €Optical fibre cable selection for electricity utilities.
TB 131(SC 35)80 €Wavelength multiplexing for electricity utilities using optical fibres
TB 128(SC 34)100 €Protection against voltage collapse
TB 108(SC 35)100 €Business opportunities for power utilities in the telecommunications market.
TB 106(SC 35)80 €New opportunities for optical fibre technology in electricity utilities.
TB 087(SC 34)100 €Maintenance and management of protection systems.
TB 084(SC 34)120 €Application of wideband communication circuits to protection. Prospects and benefits.
TB 079(SC 35)80 €The use of the transport layer in telecontrol systems.
TB 076(SC 35)80 €Man machine interface using full graphics.
TB 067(SC 35)80 €Renewal of existing telecontrol systems.
TB 064(SC 34)120 €Application guide on protection of complex transmission network configurations.
TB 062(SC 35)80 €Requirements and performance of packet switching networks with special reference to telecontrol.
TB 058(SC 35)80 €Evaluation of the questionnaire : Fibre optics for power utilities communications.
TB 052(SC 35)100 €Availability of telecontrol systems. Questionnaire on availability.
TB 049(SC 34)100 €Adaptive protections and control.
TB 046(SC 35)50 €Database management for telecontrol systems.
TB 045(SC 35)100 €Optical fibre planning guide for power utilities.
TB 043(SC 35)100 €Telecommunication network management in power utilities.
TB 042(SC 35)120 €Mobile radio systems in power utilities.
TB 041(SC 35)80 €New telecontrol systems architecture. Open systems.
TB 040(SC 35)80 €Guidelines for software project control.
TB 038(SC 34)120 €Digital protection techniques and substation functions.
TB 037(SC 35)120 €Guide for planning of power utility digital telecommunications networks.
TB 019(SC 35)80 €Overall impact of digital techniques for transmission systems (Substation control).
TB 018(SC 35)120 €Structure of telecontrol centres and overall systems.
TB 017(SC 35)100 €Guide On Mobile Radio for the Electricity Utilities.
TB 016(SC 35)80 €Guide for Planning of Power System Telecommunication Networks.
TB 015(SC 35)150 €Guide On Power Line Carrier.
TB 014(SC 35)80 €Memorandum on Power Line Carrier Systems.
TB 013(SC 34)100 €Protection Systems Using Telecommunication.
TB 011(SC 34)120 €Evaluation of Characteristics and Performance of Power System Protection Relays and Protective Systems.
TB 010(SC 34)80 €Use of Equipment built-in Automatic Testing: Self-Checking and Monitoring with a View to improving Reliability.
TB 009(SC 34)80 €Final Report on Computer based Protection and Digital Techniques in Substations.
TB 008(SC 34)80 €Harmonisation of Protection Policies for Power Stations and Generators and of Protection Policies for HV Networks.
TB 007(SC 34)100 €Non-Conventional Current and Voltage Transformers.